Livening Up your Law Firm with Ping Pong

There’s no question that employers in all industries are doing their best to attract and retrain their talent. There’s a lot of competition out there for top resources and the job market is tight with many openings for highly qualified people. So, this means that workplaces need to accommodate their employees and go beyond just a salary to keep them happy. One of the ways that firms are addressing this is with offices that offer entertainment and a way to not only blow off steam, but to also build more relationships and good times for the employees. This article will be one in a series of helping you to understand this hobby and how to acquire the right items to get started. We’ll start first with talking about ping pong paddles.

A table tennis paddle which is also known as a bat or racket is a must have facility for you as a ping-pong player. A table tennis bat is an item constructed from laminated wood which has one of its sides, or both covered with rubber.

There are various categories of table tennis rackets which are intended to offer varying results when being used in table tennis games. The best table tennis bat that you consider using for spin should be having a rubber with inverted dimples in order to construct a smooth surface that can make the ball it contacts bounce properly.

However, since there are different kinds of table tennis rackets with varying results when being utilized, it is important you do your homework well before you consider buying a specific type for using during table tennis games. Research will help you be able to figure out the right kind of table tennis racket that will better suit your table tennis playing needs.

Courtesy of research, you will also manage to find well constructed and affordable rackets from a reputable trader dealing with original table tennis equipment. Here are the various categories of table tennis rackets you should know about before choosing the one you believe will perfectly match your ping-pong playing wants.

Categories of Ping-Pong Paddles

1. Table Tennis Racket Power

Power rackets are great for smashing and are commonly used by ping-pong players who like standing several feet back in a ping-pong match. These rackets are designed specifically for matters connected with speed, and are ideal for experienced table tennis players since they generally have a lower control rating. Therefore, if you are a beginner table tennis player, these kinds of paddles are not the right choice for your ping-pong practicing needs.

2. Table Tennis Racket Control

Table tennis racket control is the best option for beginner ping pong players. They offer a decent control that can help a beginner table tennis player make great serves and returns. However, constructing top-notch spin using these types of rackets can be difficult, most especially if you are a beginner in the world of playing ping-pong. The best part about using ping-pong best control is that it will make you manage to get the ping-pong ball over the table tennis net easily. 

3. Table Tennis Racket Spin

This is a kind of racket that has the potential of making the user end up constructing great spin during a ping-pong game. Table tennis racket spin has the capacity of accomplishing exceptional spin since it effectively grip the ping-pong ball it comes into contact with. In a table tennis game, a good grip often translates to good spin capacity. 

4. Table Tennis Racket Speed

Ping-pong bat speed as the name suggests is a speedy paddle, and it has the potential of harnessing a ball coming on the user side, which is considered difficult to control. This is a kind of racket commonly utilized by professional table tennis players who desire to enhance their respective speed capacity. 

Tips on How to Select a Table Tennis Racket

A ping-pong racket is an item made up of six core parts i.e. the handle, a backhand rubber and sponge, a forehand rubber and sponge, and a blade. During the construction process of rackets, these parts can be modified in different ways so that they can create a bat which can support different styles of playing of different table tennis players. Here are some of the tactics you should put into consideration in your attempt to locate the best paddle that will suit your ping-pong playing wants better:

#1: Choosing a Handle Supporting your Grip Style

When holding a table tennis racket, there are two styles you can utilize i.e. using a shakehand grip style or utilizing a penhold grip style. The various types of ping-pong paddles are designed to support these two styles. Therefore, you should make sure you select a table tennis bat that is designed in a way which supports your style of holding the grip. 

The table tennis rackets you will find in the market will also either have a straight or flared handle choice. However, the straight handle choice is normally considered to be the best for players who like gripping the bat more loosely yet they want a comfortable encounter when using their rackets. 

#2: Selecting a Racket Supporting your Style of Playing Ping-Pong

Rackets are designed in a manner that they can perfectly suit the unique styles used by different ping-pong players, and they are intended to offer different results. There are some types of rackets that are modified to suit general ping-pong playing styles also. 

Therefore, before you choose a racket that you will be using for your table tennis playing needs, as a beginner player, it is vital you experiment different types of bats in different ping-pong matches so that you can discover your specific style and preferences. 

#3: Choosing a Blade

In any type of ping-pong paddle, the blade is the most solid part, and will play a crucial role in determining the power rating of the racket you choose. A blade that is made up of more rigid and lighter materials constructs a more attacking racket. On the other hand, a blade constructed from softer materials creates a defensive paddle. 

Therefore, if you like attacking during a table tennis game, consider a racket having a blade made up of more rigid and lighter materials. Contrarily, if you are a defensive ping-pong player, you should go for the racket that is having a blade made from softer stuff. 


These are some of the tips that can help you find the best ping-pong paddle that will perfectly suit your style of playing table tennis. Make sure you utilize them accordingly when the need arises so that you can secure the best racket which will suit your different needs and taste better.